Sunday, February 12, 2006

We finally WON!

I made this sound melodramatic but then I have the liberty.After 3 years of trying and getting every position but first in GC events (potpourri and quizzing basically) I finally managed to win something.The Inter Hostel Main GC trivia event to be precise.

Partnered by Audi,who was my partner for that memorable freshie year main GC where we surprised everyone by qualifying,we manged to come joint first along with H-4.It was a bit unfair on Yohan and Iyengar and of course other teams that we got to choose our topics in the specialities as well as bidding round earlier on basis of having lower points,and I of course (mu ha ha ha) answered all of them.But then no mistake of ours.

All in all a nice quiz set by Ramanand,nicer still that we won it.An interesting co-incidence here-he won the quiz I set,I won the quiz he set.

I remember the caption of the tee I chose for my bro last year-'No Sport No life'.I'm nowhere as Wiki/IMDb savvy as most other quizzers,saving grace is the infinite amount of sport I watch and follow and play/wish to play.Worse still,I won't change.

OK enough of melodrama,but I'm actually happy that we won.

Dear Diary,I'm going off to sleep now.

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Vikranth Audi said...

battle of the batches next! we came second last time...hope we better our performance this time like in the main gc! :)