Thursday, March 09, 2006

The feet of God

[I couldn't sleep until I wrote this one.]

I've always wondered why movies are such popular 'hang-out' joints. Why they are considered the perfect places to have a 'nice time', regardless of the movie that's being shown? More than that I've wondered why can't anything else take their place. The answer lay in front of me. Our Lecture Theatre [LT] screened the UEFA champion's league quarter final matches on the big screen, from 1 AM in the morning and it was jam packed. People had to sit on the floor and no one complained. A huge success.

I see no reason why this can't be as successful a venture outside, with or without entry fees. Agreed watching cricket at a pub or someplace else could drag on for non-purists, but football doesn't pose any such problems. People go to the movies to get thrills, be entertained, 'awakened' and come out and discuss the goosebump moments. They don't realise that it takes months, sometimes years to prepare those moments. Perfectly enough so that they can be engarved in the memories. Takes, retakes, editing- it's a long list. Live sport is spontaneous. The brilliance, the skill, the drama, the tension , the agony, the ecstacy is all real time. Ronaldinho doesn't take a billion retakes to come up with sublime moments in a crunch match in front of fifty thousand people, Henry does not take months to come up with the perfect script to come up with a winner. It just happens instantaneously. Don't even get me started on the unpredicatability element. If you wish to get inspired, get inspired by real people in real situations.

Which is why I think it would be a good idea right now to come up with a sport multiplex or even theme pubs like in the west. The ones already there are too elitist, in the lobbies of dark 5 star hotels. Enough digression already.

Needless to say I watched both these matches. To say anything about Ronaldinho and his heavenly skills and control with the ball and his amazing big match game would be like dropping just another tiny, microscopic drop in the ocean of praise he already is floating in, deservedly so. Anyone who doesn't watch football won't need a minute to judge who's playing the most different,exciting game in match he plays in. Those who do just sit back and soak it in. Those who play a bit try and absorb, learn, get inspired but come out and realise that even conceiving doing that would be going into the realms of the impossible. How he got past those four defenders with his unearthly dribbling and then chose the near post with the far wide open, getting the goalie to misjudge his jump is plain unbelievable. I play left wing whenever I get the chance and at this highly amateur level I can assure you that it's the last idea you could fathom in your mind. Yet he had the confidence to execute it, and execute perfectly is truly mesmerising.

Messi shone the little while he played, but it was all about Ronaldinho in that match. The scoreline read 1-1 at the end, with Barca going through on aggregate, thanks to a late contentious penalty. Those who saw the match don't need a scoreline to know of the story.

Henry on the other hand has very simple technique in comparison. Simple yet highly efficient. It all came down to that goal he scored last leg at Madrid, that sublime solo effort to put Arsenal through. He came pretty close doing the same in this game too, but he had already done enough. Scorching pace, simple dummies, a slow run;fiercely accelerated suddenly and a clinical finish. Just plain brilliant, signature Henry. Hleb gave him great support and should have got a goal, but then so should have Raul from the other side. In the end the better team went through.

On a personal note I tried some minor tricks today and failed miserably. My back heel was intercepted by the opponent, I almost pulled off the play-to-win Nike advert trick, only to have the ball bounce and hit my hand for hand ball and my swerving shots went way above the cross bars. But a man is allowed to dream, ain't he?

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Sunil Kundal said...

man .. i had given up the game of soccer for quite a time now .. but yesterday, on my wingy's insistence i decided to go to LT ... and boy wat a match that was .. although i previous BARCA match .. sure Ronaldinho is GOD !! and REAL sucked big time yesterday !!