Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's hard out here for a pimp !?!

People who know me wonder why I haven't mentioned Jon Stewart and his Oscar show as yet, being the huge fan that I am. I do all the hard work of downloading Daily Show clips, reading the transcripts in case I missed any and then suggesting and insisting that people watch that show. Most of them like it and I'm glad that there are still people in this 'f.r.i.e.n.d.s' obsessed microcosm who can laugh when somebody else tells a joke.

So yeah, I watched the show. I haven't seen any of the movies nominated yet but I bunked a class and saw the ceremony for Jon. He was far less ruthless than on his show. The point being that he wasn't on his show, though still he managed to sneak in a few jabs. Overall though I was uncomfortable seeing him in this role, I rather like the no holes barred Jon tearing apart everyone in his Daily Show.

One of the few times he looked in prime form was when Ludacris came to present the best song in a movie oscar. 'He is very famous, you don't know him. Go upstairs where you children are downloading illegal music form the internet, they'll know him very well.' After that there was this rap song, never a fan of that genre, 'It's hard out here for a pimp' performed by 36 Mafia which finally won the award. Jon sneered and said, ' For those of you keeping scores at home, it's Martin Scorsese nil and 36 mafia 1.' That was more like it. There were some signature Daily Show spoof reports and I thought I heard Colbert in one of them though but then I recalled that he now has his own show.

The go-back-to-the-theater theme dragged on a bit. Montages after montages, a tired Jon rightly pointed out that maybe it was time for the Best Montage Oscar. One amusing thing was that when they were showing the film-noir montages I kept on shouting Double Indemnity, The Third Man, Touch of Evil, The Manchurian Candidate, Sunset Boulevard etc. when the clips came up and people around were rather perplexed by the amount of black and white movies I have managed to see. What they don't know is that it's the only thing I watch these days.

Rest I was happy that one of my favourite directors, Altman got the lifetime achievement award. I celebrated that by watching M*A*S*H once more.


Anonymous said...

Although agree with you on the toning down and the montage part but I believe that Jon Stewart was much better in comparison to previous years,especially when the Academy is trying to woo the younger audiences and shed it's snotty image.
Talking about black and white movies saw Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf yesterday was very good.

Nikhil said...

Agree with you whole heartedly, who wants those family humor type guests when you can have Jon :)

I was waiting for some feedback for that movie, no I can finally watch it. Although a pleasant surprise is that Good Night and Good Luck is also b/w. The whole CBS thing reminded me of 'Network', another great movie...

kaushal said...

i watced the awards function (avlbl on our LAN). true that jon was not as "ruthless" but there were moments when he mocked at ppl sitting right in front of him (like about lobbying in Oscars for the best actress and sound recording catagory).

anyways can't figure out ur aversion to FRIENDS, Daily Show rocks but the former was also as good as it is thought to be...

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't term it as an aversion to Friends, but I would say in terms of repeat value nothing beats stuff like Seinfeld and Jon Stewart. I know people(esp IIT junta) will say you laugh even while watching Friends for the nth time,but I guess the thing you laugh at is almost the same all through the repeats. But with something like Seinfeld,you keep on noticing small subtle dialogues or movements which amuse you to no end.

Nikhil Luktuke said...

Hey Nikhil,
Just read some articles on your blog, really nice...well structured with the right dose of humor. Awesome stuff.
Was intrigued by the articles about Malhar. :) Was OC (aka the boss) of Technicals at Malhar 2001, and can relate to most of what you say. Athough personally I tried my level best to be as participant friendly as possible (was one of our goals that year, I know some people at SXC are complete jerks. But man, like u said...theres the 'something-about -it' factor which makes me love malhar so much.
Well, I apoplogize on behalf of a majority of snobbish, dont-know-what-to-do-with-power Xavierites, there were many in my team and me who were the other extreme, and really tried to make it a great fest.
Keep bloggin.

Nikhil said...

[kaushal] Gf/Bf, Sex, Mushy, 'joey' jokes don't make me laugh anymore. And you can remember that I started early, from the 9th std. It's a matter of getting bored early too. 90% of the people never saw an episode before coming to IIT, and then claim that there is nothing like it. I hate that. And of course there are people who think Chandler is 'Sarcastic.'...well they haven't seen Jerry and Jon, you know that.

Mere ko friends se koi prob nahi, just that people should see life beyond it. Like you do.

Nikhil said...

[rahul] Better put than me. Yes I love the way Seinfeld's you can always relate the way the observational humor unfolds. I for one find so many similarities of such idiosyncrasies, obsessions, observations in day to day life, and to be honest I make as much fun I can :) . The fact that it has zero senti value, no 'friends' for life funda just makes it all the more practical. At least for me. Frankly friends started as a sitcom and became a soapcom,with episodes linked to another, people got pregnant, fell in love all over...just lost interest.

And just to take my point further, just see ,this and , here.

[kaushal] Again I have nothing against friends, you know I discussed every ep. in class when no one used to watch it. But that was the time I listened to MLTR and Bryan Adams. I have moved on, had better choices, so I believe. I secretly still think the first 2 seasons were pretty OK. Just that people should at least watch some other sitcoms before going all ga-ga over the most obvious one. A lot of people do that here, maybe it's a combination of a lot of factors that makes me hate it :D

[nikhil] Thanks a lot man. No need to apologise and all, I have issues and cribs with almost every other thing in the world. I know it's hard work having such a great responsibility and that you don't have time for the 'common touch' and that the people in charge of that hardly have any clue. But they'll learn, so I hope :)
And you don't need me telling that Malhar is quite well organised and you people do a great job.
Always nice to hear from a namesake :)

Nikhil Luktuke said...

No idea they had caps for prizes. Thats ridiculous. We did have better prizes in our day though...lol
And before the staff committee interfered like its their own tea-party the prizes and the pronites were outtasite man.
we had Adnan Sami, Suneeta Rao, Shaan, Sivamani perform for the pro-nites....good times good times...