Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The jinx continues..

So India have lost another match in which I was present at the stadium. I am yet to see India win a match in my presence. The one ODI that Indian team did manage to win at Jamshedpur against SA in March 2000 coincided with my ICSE Physics exam and I couldn't be there. Rest 2 I saw and 2 others I almost (don't ask me to explain 'almost', it's a painful story) saw, they lost. I thought things would be better once I change the venue, didn't work out :(

Speaking of which one of my friends Krishna, who is as enthusiastic if not more to watch India play, has a similar sort of record. The 5 matches he has watched at Bangalore, India have lost 4 and 1 has been rained out (correct ain't I?). He has one win under his belt though--the India SA ODI at Wankhede last November.

We had this discussion on our newsgroups about a year back, and here's is what one of the profs had to say--

One of the most interesting discussions in a while. One thing seems to be clear. Keep jha_nikhil and krishnar away from stadiums, perhaps even away from the TV during matches. I read about Infosys Narayanamurthy or some such biggie also suffers from the same syndrome or impact or something on India's fortunes, and this was just from watching the matches on TV. I say we take no chances in the coming 1 dayers. Keep any suspect guys out.

A year on, and things don't seem to have changed much. I thought we would cancel each other's misfortune out if we went to the match together. Needless to say, it has backfired. And how!

What do I have to do to watch India win?


geetika said...

Is this blog undergoing a metamorphosis into a sports-only blog?

Nikhil said...

[geetika] Hey welcome! No it isn't, just that I have little else to say these days :(

Deepak Vyas said...

bad luck dude...sometime we'll go together to the field....that time India's gonna win...
btw who was that prof. ??

Nikhil said...

[vyas] are sir..welcome! prof NR of mech. dept and NReye fame (InsIghT column.)

PS:Ye match choro, kal apni 'Bollywood' ka match continue rakhenge. Maine 'Howrah Bridge se Latkti Lash' se bhi khatarnak movies soch ke rakh li hain :D

saint nothing! said...

haha.. funny.. dint quite know of ur this uncanny ability before! neways.. cricket kabhi bhi khel sakte hain be! mai to ready hun!

SD said...

hey... u'r a jinx too are you? Kris is a HUUGE jinx when it comes to cricket matches. We *never* win! And this time you were there too... no wonder we not only lost, but also were completely fuddled! I mean, really - Put the two of you together: What chance did the poor souls have?


PS: Any of the one-dayers in Bombay? I wanna come along and watch too!

Nikhil said...

[mallu] Sabke hidden talent hote hain, mera ye samajh le :D

[SD] LOL. We thought we would cancel each other out, someday...No ODI's in Mumbai though, there is one in Jamshedpur and I'm praying to God we win there. So we have to wait for another series to see if your coming along would make any difference :D