Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I had watched everything live cricket had to offer. The ODI's, the practice matches, India 'A' vs. Australia match, a few Ranji matches --all at Keenan stadium. I even watched inter school matches at various venues mostly as 16th man cum scorer of the school team, watched tennis ball tournaments and flood light plastic ball tournaments; managing to play in some too. Today, I finally completed the journey. I saw the fourth day's play at Wankhede today.

If things had gone my way, I should have been there at the weekends too. Instead Saturday was taken up by a stupid guest lecture which I almost bunked to watch the match but realised that I had Sunday to bank upon. Then Saturday night I got the news that our hostel football match, which I thought started from 5.30 actually was scheduled to be at 3.30. Since it's not often that I get the chance to play in the first team, I had to choose playing football in the mid afternoon heat. I didn't exactly set the ground alight, far from it, playing left mid, but for the record we came from a goal down to win 5-1 ( a very nice record too, that's why it deserved a mention.)

Today finally I decided it was enough. I somehow copy pasted and 'compiled' my seminar report, and presented it to my guide early morning itself and was prepared to bunk all lectures to go watch the match. Fortunately the afternoon lecture was cancelled and I thought I would just stick around for an hour or two. Unfortunately a lab was announced in the meanwhile. I was too determined to leave the match by then. So I decided to use the super-sub rule (no it's not allowed in real life) and my good friend Annie agreed to do a lab he had already done a week before for me. Words cannot express my gratitude, but thank you mate.

So we (Rajeev and me) finally got to the North Stand just in time for the post lunch session. There is no need to state it but the experience was so much better than the overpriced cement stands of Keenan. After watching Dhoni in a Ranji match back home, this was the first time I was seeing him in India cap. almost as an anticlimax, he missed chances and a few college students, who are quoted as 'North Stand' in the news, started booing him. Speaking of which I have a few clarifications to make.


Boo hu hu?

All this booing talk is a bit unnerving. The stand was more or less packed except the portions directly in the sun and the only people who were shouting were not more than 30-40. By the look of things they were pre-acquainted and their idea of a fun day out at a cricket match seemed like hurling abuses at everyone and anyone. So people who say North Stand was chanting 'Flintoff is a bastard' and 'Hoggy is a doggy', please to be letting go of that idea. A bunch of revelrous college kids does not constitute a stand. They were also shouting things like 'Dhoni ch****', 'Yuvi ch****' when these two dropped catches or stumpings and then got back to praising them when they did something worthwhile.

It was method to counter boredom by them I guess. Once they got bored abusing each other, they took to heckling three English ladies who had wrapped themselves in saris and then moved onto the players. In utter disregard of the slightest of manners, they were also chanting abuses that involve mother and father in front of so many concerned parents and kids. One 8 year old kid sitting beside me even nudged me to ask what that meant. Shameful really. It's not that we don't use abusive language, but we know the difference between an inter hostel cricket match in front of college crowd and an international match in a stadium.

This lends this Saching booing incident very little credibility. I can now imagine what kind of people did that and I don't think booing from a bunch of rowdy college kids means that a player of such standards should start having sleepless nights. Overblown I must say.


Coming back I learnt that super-sub thing had run into trouble. Someone had identified my friend as having done the lab earlier. But like a true fighter he took care of the situation and this meant officialy I completed my lab. And Annie won the man of the match as a super-sub.

All's well that ends well. Just hope that India win the watch today so that I have something more to talk about.


SD said...

Lukkha people! Going for cricket match and all! You do know that cricket is "organised loafing", don't you...?

PS: Are you another cricket fanatic like Kris?

Nikhil said...

[sd] he..he..still can't resist watching a cricket match.
yeah, Kris and me have this dream of watching every cricket match at stadiums all over the world.
India lost :((