Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Where were you when the sun went down?

If pro is the opposite of con, then what is the opposite of progress?

There is this huge hysteria everywhere I go. Dinner tables, breakfast tables, lunch tables, blogs and of course those million TV channels who have stationed themselves outside these hallowed gates to get a perspective from us the ill fated bunch of people. A very noble cause, I agree. But why now, why not earlier I ask from so many people.

Why not when this thing was passed in the parliament some months ago, which left only a formal announcement to have it enforced? What about the reservations in excess of 50% that are already in place in most states (Jharkhand and Rajasthan I know for sure)? What about UPSC? What happened to 'meritocracy' then? Double standards or dig-a-well-when-ass-is-on-fire I'm not so sure.

The optimists say it's never too late to try. Go ahead, try. Got some message which said 'Hasn't RDB taught us anything? Let's all bunk 17th April, even though we have end sems.' Dude!

Once again I am listening to The Who and once again am quoting them-

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow at the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and I pray
Won't get fooled again!

Ah, the recurring joys of being born a Brahmin. We only have the scriptures to let us know how glorious that is. Praying, that's our hereditary job, and that's what I'll get back to doing now.


Giddu said...

i could quote the whole song... the following should suffice though..

and I try, oh my god do I try
I try all the time, in this institution
And I pray, oh my god do I pray
I pray every single day
For a revolution

- What's Up by 4 Non Blondes

meanwhile, don't you think I should write something on my own blog rather than commenting around...

Nikhil said...

yeah i wanted to PM on that..you should try the 'a friend with weed is a friend indeed' :)

or in soviet russia the works visit YOU!! maja aayega

SD said...

Ah yes. Everybody has something to say about this. Even me.

Pull yourself together
You know you could do better

Spread your wings and fly away
Fly away, far away

Atleast that's what I've decided to do.

Nikhil said...

don't fly too far man, hope your sabbatical ends soon enough :)