Monday, May 08, 2006

Boring discourse on boredom

You can't imagine the kind of resolve and patience it takes to blog from an umcomfortably small cyber cafe cubicle with a stubborn ball mouse and a cranky faded keyboard. Sit down, don't clap. One hour is a hell lot of time to spend online specially if you are supposed to pay the same amount for an hour or less. So here I am.

This summer I'm supposed to do my training, or internship if you like to use a more refined word. Thanks to the TATA's, there is no dearth of companies at home that can bear with a bored 'metallurgist' with nothing else to do for one summer. After weighing my options I chose this company to torture, and as of now they are ready to let me do it. It's been tough convincing them though. Very tough infact.

Now, the office is located within walking distance of my home, walking distance being anything around 2kms. It's a difficult job walking that far in 42 degree heat, but thanks to the glorious past of playing cricket in midsummer, I can happily bear with that. The thing that hurts though is having to wait in the AC waiting room for an hour or more at a stretch, with virtually nothing to do.Which brings to me to the most important point -- what do people do/think while waiting?

I took a look around at the magazine/newspaper rack. Same newspaper as the one I comprehensively read in the morning. The rest were business mags, on which I'm not very keen though it's scary how my peers lap them up with glee. I decided to revise the paper. Then I decided to count the number of alphabets in a line, a paragraph, the article. I stopped there and made a rough estimate of the total characters in the page and chuckled at my super intelligence. Then I got bored again.

I've had a heavy dose of Sherlock Holmes since my childhood. Right form the abridged stories to the complete works; it's all been covered. I decide to do a Holmes and try and make decisive observations about the people that come around. The closest I get to is guessing a guy who came in to be the postal guy, and he was carrying a Blue Dart bag. That wasn't pretty smart.

The clock moved like a sloth, even slower. Finally I got a phone call from the HR lady.
"Sorry Nikhil I can't find the guy incharge. Please come again tomorrow."


PS: In hindsight this was better than the ordeal I have to go through now : 9 to 5. Later maybe.


thedq said...

I thought you graduated.
Should've joined the TATA pimpri plant. Its the goddest place for metallurgists :-)

geetika said...

A suggestion for things-to-do while waiting: taking mental notes for subsequent blogposts.

Chandan said...

Business magazines aren't that bad! They come with "insightful" and "well-researched" articles. :P

BTW, read the colums where the review books/electronics and the odd movie (Business today does that!)

Giddu said...

you pting in a firang company... well how cool is that... and some firang friend of yours thinks that the TATA pimpri plant is the best...

thanks thedq-man.. you just made my day.. leaving for pimpri tomorrow:P

Nikhil said...

[thedq] ek saal aur hai :(
I wanted to stay home, that is why this compnay, I'm not a dedicated metallurgist :)

[geetika] hence this post, don't you think? :D

[chandan] will try, lekin abhi tak Sportstar se upar nahi uth paaya

[mohit] firang company saale, ghar ke bagal me hai isiliye. and I hope you enjoy ur stay at the best place :)

geetika said...

Hence the :P, won't you think?

Nikhil said...

sometimes I miss the finer points