Monday, May 29, 2006

Tee time

My tees/jerseys are getting some attention in the boring blue uniformed company I'm doing my internship in. The other day one of my guides said, "Abe tu Cadbury Gems waale colour ke tees pehen ke kyun aata hai?" .The other guide said, " What is this colour? Lilac, Purple?". I promptly replied, "When I had bought it, it was violet. Then I was on mission rainbow." Understandably so, as my football jerseys that I wear to work don't come in intricate patterns or sober colours that might be acceptable to them.

The best part was when the Divisional Manager came on a visit to the lab, looked at me and asked,

"Hmm so what are you upto today?"
'Sir, MS testing and all..'
"Hmm why are you wearing clothes like you are roaming in college?"
'Sir, I don't have a prescribed uniform."

Apparently they expect me to turn up in a formal/semi-formal shirt. Sadly with the World Cup just round the corner the exact opposite is going to happen. Just pray the shining bright orange of Holland goes well with them.


Sunil Kundal said...

tch tch .. i just forgot .. WC is just 11 days away .. and i still don't have a favourite team .. man, im going to write a post tomorrow asking for help in choosing my favourite team .. i hope u'll help me :D ..

geetika said...

Hear, hear!:D
I am all set to miss the whole wonderful thing, well almost:(

SD said...

luckky you... get to wear tees n all. i have to wear formals to office every single day!

Giddu said...

hey there.. long time no communication.. tata motors has gone down with me pretty well, except for the fact that they are not payin me anything. well, they let me wear anything, though i have 4 shirts. :D.. wore formals aftrer 4 years... dad's shirts :D anyway these days i wear tee's.. and i am going to buy a team tshirt today... the ones ahving the best tee win my support. :D

Nikhil said...

[sd] if they paid me i would have no trouble in turning up in suits everyday :D

[giddu] italy would win then :)

Maddy said...

Dutch Orange won't probably go well... You would to well to choose a sober French blue.. me for France btw :D

Anonymous said...

la viva italia!!

italy it is!!

Giddu said...

la viva italia!!

italy it is!!