Monday, August 28, 2006

Same old noon

I had this diary when I was somewhere around 10th std. A bit like this blog in the sense that I hardly wrote regularly or about topics that would interest anyone who derives thrill from peeping into a stray personal diary. It had scores and reports from friendly cricket matches I played in, for there was no one else who would keep that record. More importantly it had all the details of the animated football matches we played during recess and hence the only existing record of the fact that A section beat B section by a huge margin in the overall record. But then these things stop mattering, infact become a trifle childish, when you graduate from school.

Anyway what I was coming onto was that I was the lyricist of this imaginary band called 'Alter Ego' (later changed to 'Status Quo') and wrote pathetic song lyrics for them. Not intentionally pathetic but something that couldn't be helped. Probably one the reasons why you haven't heard of any such band as yet. This summer as I was browsing through that diary, counting the goals I had scored, runs I had made, wickets I had taken and taking an imaginary bow, I came across this amusing bit of 'song' lyrics which wasn't titled as yet:

Don't wanna be just another proper noun
Wanna get famous
They have a statue of me in every town

Don't know how, don't know when
Will figure it out very soon
Until then it's the same old day, same old noon.

The signs are pretty bad when you have your own 'song' stuck in your head.


Giddu said...

i don't remember telling you about this, but i had this song called 'stranger' stuck in my head for days sometime back. it doesn't come back to me now, but as it does, i'll be sure to ink it off..

till then, the same old day, the same old noon.

geetika said...

Well you know what that means? The stuck song? You were/are probabaly writing the music too:)