Thursday, September 14, 2006

the blog post about a blog post

And you never thought this was possible? Anyway let us make this an anniversary post that never was.

A year ago I had written this post about sleep patterns in a classroom. Had made me a minor celebrity that time. Mess, canteen, class; sometimes I was approached by people I hardly knew and told that I had done a good job. Publicity helped, people had it as their status messages, forwaded in IM's mails and someone suggested me to send it to Desipundit. It got linked and that put me thick into all this blogging business. Reading, hopping madly, writing, linking, commenting, fighting, bitching, sulking.

A year old, a year wiser. Thankfully all that is passe. I would like things the way they are right now. Few people that I read now, few people who read me now.

Blogging is one place I learnt to despise collective whining and groaning. People talking about 'issues', holding a view that is no different from a multitude of others and yet thinking it's important to put down, being the yes men...oh now I'm whining. I am but one of them.

Not that I'll stop doing that :)


geetika said...

Cool-type pictures there:P

Nikhil said...

Investigative journalisma at its very best :D