Saturday, September 02, 2006

IITB Litclub Open Quiz-9 (answers)

1. X was a 16th century French reformation theologian and the originator of a system of Christian theology named after him. Y was a famous 17th century philosopher whose most famous work influenced western political philosophy. However their last names find a very important place in popular culture. Funda.

A: John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes. Hence Calvin and Hobbes.

2. Connect these two pictures. Name of the shop has been blanked out intentionally.

A: U2. Bonavox hearing aids from which Bono got his name and the U2 fighter plane.

3. What's common to the Norse god of thunder, a Greek titan honored for stealing fire from Gods, a mortal woman from Greek mythology who was the daughter of Tantalus and wife of amphion and the Norse Goddess for fertility?

A: Thor, Prometheus, Niobe and Freya ( Vanadis) --all have elements named after them.

4. This picture represents the first ever instance of what?

A: Computer bug and hence debugging.

5. While at college, this company's founder was given the Cornell Lacrosse team cap by his grandfather. People would turn to him to solve their problems and he was referred to as that guy in the ___ ___. He lost the cap, later the manual of the company's product had an appeal to readers (anyone finding it) to return his ___ ___. Easy enough, name the product.

A: Red Hat

6. T.S Eliot said that "The Waste Land" was inspired by the books "From Ritual to Romance" by Jessie L. Weston and "The Golden Bough" by James Frazer. These books are shown as a part of collection of a very famous movie character who quotes from "The Waste Land" in the movie. The character and the quote?

A: Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now (I mistook the quote as being 'this is the way the world ends/not with a bang but with a whimper' but Kurtz although he reads from 'The Hollow Men' doesn't get to this part, it is uttered by the photographer. All apologies.)

7. The protagonist of this very popular show of 70's-80's was written out of the show in the 6th season, leaving to join the US Army because the actor wanted to pursue his desired and later highly successful career in direction. Who?

A: Ron Howard from 'Happy Days'.

8. Famous picture. Identify both.

A: JFK and Bill clinton

9. This place had maximum requests for songs on Vividh Bharti radio programs during its heydays (as in people from this place had the maximum number of requests for songs to be played). Most people thought it to be a fictitious town because of its rather uncommon sounding name, much like Timbuktu. Identify.

Jhumri Tilaiya (I planned to give the Google Earth image too. Tragedy being I couldn't find this place.)


___________________ I stand
___________________ I stand
A sprig of wattle in my hand
A native of my native land
Australia you little beauty.

Fill in the blanks, with the same phrase, and connect to David Boon.

A: Under the Southern Cross. Autobiography of Boon (singing tradition in the Aussie dressing room might be a vague connection).


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