Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Muddied Oafs

Except that there was no mud out there that day. Only concrete. Concrete and those mosaic pieces to cover it, so that it would grate your skin if you tried to slide. Slide we did, nevermind the consequences. Reminded me of those rugby union ads that came on TV, 'Sometimes without pain, there is no gain'. An option between spending your evening singing 'Who'll stop the rain' and getting out and having fun doing something new. So the terrace of B4 witnessed the first ever game of mini rugby played on concrete, putting the NZ imported rugby ball I so insisted on having brought finally into use. Here is a pic to give an idea of the setting. Four floors above, wet concrete, a few willing boys; willing both to play and listen to my rendition of whatever makeshift rules I knew of rugby, chairs for goal, big rain drops and the great lake beyond.

The last time we had tried this, a year back in the football field with a football, most of ended up taking a booster dose of ATS injection. I must thank that day for sparing me another visit to the hospital. A few others were less lucky, bruises, battered bones, sprains...best part was those very people coming and telling me that it was a good idea and we could have a game sometime soon.

Even better, a few foreign exchange students who have actually played this game, agreed to hold a session and maybe continue it further. The ball has been set rolling, let us see how far it can roll.

Maybe it's time to dust off that skateboard and bring it out in the open. Any takers (that's an anagram for skater :P) ?


Giddu said...

And I thought that I was ust having some fun with the camera. Never did I imagine that this even would be the start of something so mighty.

Nikhil said...

oh i intended to put the video too..but you know the commentary may be slightly unsuitable for the target audience :D

Phoenix said...