Sunday, January 07, 2007

Great Expectations

Curiously I was listening to this song that says,
"Just the way that her hair fell around her face
And I recall my fall from grace"
I wondered, could...could this be MY case?

Friends and all, they say I am meant to reach the sky;
To make you happy, don't they always lie?
Been punching shadows on the wall, throat gone dry,
From shouting why, why, why, why?

'Talented Underperformer?' Ha! The most common breed,
Where did things go wrong? oft we plead;
Was it Something I said? Something I did?
Don't YOU worry! am just another fucked up college kid :)

[Ever wondered what goes on in a constantly rejected, dejected brain? This is it. This IS it.]


vaibhav said...

very true!!
6 months 4m now i will be in the same position!!

Gee said...

Oh come off it! It can't be that bad! It's an undergrad course, isn't it?
It could possibly not be not the best days of your life and all that:)