Monday, January 22, 2007

Times like these

First of all, for those who got all those depressing vibes lately from this blog, I managed a job about 10 days ago. It is nothing much to write about, so I didn't and won't. But, it does afford the time to be carefree; enjoy the last few days stay in IIT and start gearing up mentally for a new life without too many expectations.

The last month has been a whirlwind. It started on Christmas eve when I got an unexpected interview call and I went there with borrowed shirt, trousers, tie, oversize shoes; looking like a chic scarecrow. It continued with Mood I the next four days which were probably the busiest four days of my life in terms of physical effort put in. To give you an idea, we took part in an IMS general quiz and reached the finals. The finals were till 1.30 PM and I had to complete round of questions for a sports quiz slated to be at 1. I had been awake till 6 AM to do that. When the IMS quiz got over, I got calls form the sports quiz venue to report immediately. I went there to find out that a CD with questions hadn't arrived there yet. I ran back to the hostel, ditched the incompleted round, gathered the questions and ran back to the venue. Then I was told that I was supposed to conduct it too. The expression on my face should have been framed and kept somehwere. I did manage to breeze through the slightly inadeqaute questions in an hour, the consolation prize being that I was not beaten up by the contestants who had to wait an hour for the poorly prepared quiz. But then it was doomed form the beginning when the original quizmaster could not make it to Bombay.

Then for 2 days we took part in the treasure hunt, elims and finals. Elims didn't require too much physical effort but the finals were understandably a bit strenous. The tasks comprised playing football, rock climbing, 120 pushups, skateboarding, kite flying in addition to solving clues and running around generally. Not being too good at solving clues and cryptic crosswords I had to do 50 pushups, rock climbing, put up a skateboarding exhibition travelling about 5 times the required limit, fly kite in addition to the general running around which amounts to a lot in a huge campus like ours. We did manage the second prize although the prize itself proved to be a huge letdown. Then I had to deal with a sore shoulder and aching arms for a few days to come, but I must admit that doing all that was a lot fo fun.

The next few days were really sad and disturbing with us losing a batchmate of ours and the false picture that media presented, for the second time in less than a year. Whatever I write won't do justice to the cause so I'll refrain from doing that. But how useful the knee jerk reaction from the institute to enforce a 13 hour LAN/Internet ban in hostels would prove to be, remains to be seen.

New year set in amidst this gloom and and I got another oppurtunity to get employed, rather handsomely, which I wasted. A few days later another chance showed up. I waited for my turn to be interviewed at 6 AM in the morning and then come back at 10.30 to face the second one. Short on sleep and rather apprehensive, I was grilled for about 40 minutes; 25 minutes more than a close friend who also made it through. I was made to draw line graphs of my CPI distribution and explain its shape and justify my position and then strangely asked to write an essay on some topic. In the end they asked me if I had any regrets. I paused for a while and said emphatically, "No regrets." I think I meant it too.

Esctatic? euphoric? jubiliant? happy? No.
Relieved? Yes.

Then my mom and dad showed up on a pre decided marriage ceremony visit of a relative. Thankfully I was placed by then and the daily shuttling between the institute and south bombay didn't hurt much. Although carrying luggage to and fro from S-1 to S-9 where my grandparents where, brought back some old memories from Mood I. The sore shoulder and aching arms too.

Somewhere in between we had a La Liga (our intra 6 a side football tournament) match, which has assumed legendary status now. Our best player and Inter IIT defender was unavailable due to a sprained foot. The responsibility shifted to me. We were up against a good team and it was difficult playing against them. We got a penalty early on. I took it and missed, hit it straight to the goalkeeper. Then we conceded a goal and were down 0-1 at half time. Billed as the best team, it was a devastating situation for us. Then came the second half. I got a free kick at about centre of the small field in the leftmost corner. I took it. The ball curled, hit the intersection of the crossbar and post and went in. 1-1. About 2 minutes later I got a pass in a similar position. I turned and shot. The ball curled, hit the intersection of the crossbar and post and went in. Deja vu. 2-1. A few minutes later I got a direct pass from the goalie and somehow poked in a goal. 3-1. Result beyond doubt. You dream about such personal performances, however insignificant they might seem. Needless to say, it will be tough living upto this now, and I hope nobody will expect me to either. It's good to be the talk of a good part of the hostel for a day or two though :D

The 1 day pause in between presented this oppurtunity to look back. I leave for IIT Madras tomorrow. Sorry Techfest and Chaos, Saarang it shall be.


Anupam said...

Congrats for the job!Great performance in the football match!

gee said...

Looks like someone got lucky (I mean with the quiz thing) :P

Nikhil said...

[anupam] thanks, and if things go as planned and you remain in fbd, we shall get to meet soon :)

[gee] indeed, and i'm lucky to be living to tell the tale, because in my early blogging career i've seen how poorly prepared, bad quizzes are dissected in numerous unforgiving blogs..i guess that's passe now :D