Saturday, February 03, 2007

ischool ke tem pe

News from back home had been consistenly good lately. Tata took over Corus and gave everyone from Jamshedpur (forget Jharkhand or India for a while) something to brag about. Dhoni was back in blazing form, sending balls into orbit with amazing regularity. On a personal level there was this peach of a song we had unearthed recently, wildly popular in Jharkhand, and unleashed it here in IIT to a diverse audience who liked it immensely. Or at least they pretended to, it sometimes is very hard to tell. Anyway this song is catching on as a sort of Jharkhandi anthem here and you deserve a look at it too.

ischool ke tem pe

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There is a sort of undeniable catchiness to this tune. Something like an ad jingle. You try to ignore it first, then it grows upon you. Before you know it's all that's playing into your head. Over and over and over again. Something like what George Costanza had to say about his name

George: I'm going out with her tomorrow, she said she had some errands to run.

Jerry: That's a date?

George: What's the difference? You know they way I work, I'm like a commercial jingle. First it's a little irritating, then you hear it a few times, you hum it in the shower, by the third date it's "Costanza! Costanza! Costanza!"

Jerry: How do you make sure your gonna get to the third date?

George: If there's any doubt, I do a leave-behind keys, glove, scarf, I go back to her place to pick it number three.

Jerry: That's so old. Why don't you show up at her door in a wood horse?

Eveidently Seinfeld has covered even this little thing that is happening to me. Yet again. Some show it was.

Anyway getting back to the point, everything was all fine and pleasant and happy; until...until I came across this piece of very disturbing news.

Two years after Pyaar Ka Hawa, a Nagpuri audio cassette containing eight love songs sung by Bokaro-based Manoj “Dehati”, was released and the producer having sold over 100,000 cassettes — HRD and culture minister Bandhu Tirkey is determined to clamp down on the “undesirable” songs.

His wrath is specially directed at the hit that calls upon a schoolgirl to bunk classes and meet her boyfriend at a dam. The song, the minister feels, does not send out the right message.

Now I have never bothered much about censorship, it doesn't effect me or people like me in any way whatsoever. But this I think is too much. An innocent girl going to the dam or 'dem' as they put it not sending out the right message? Come on!

Freakish coincidence though. Just when I was on an aggresive popularity drive for this song, this news had to come through. I need some support to protest but I think bloggers have much more pressing issues to work on. Iraq, US elections and whatnot. If you love this song and can't imagine young people of Jharkhand being deprived of this gem, come join forces with me. We'll think of something.

Until then singing this song and popularising it would be support enough. And by the way, the 'dem' in question is the Chandil dam. I vow to make it a point to visit this place once I get back home. This song should add on to the tourist value, but the short sighted government fails to see beyond their manufactured shortcomings. Nuts.


Vikranth Audi said...

there u go. filled me with envy and my weekend is now doomed! :D (btw, what wat the guy thinking? he has to live with that video his whole life!!)

yeah censorship and moral policing sure sucks. cant wait for feb 14 - can hear the most ridiculous stories of couples being married off and all. i shall gloat! suffer ye lovebirds! :P

21st century India. Phew! :(

Nikhil said...

This video is just the tip of the iceberg mate :D

Geetika Guha said...

Hi Nikhil,
I read ur blog often and loved this particular post. Reminded me of my good ol Jampot school days. Btw, Hudco Dam was also quite popular! ;)

Nikhil said...


Reminded you of schooldays? You must have done something similar :D
HUDCO dam was nice yes, if I had my school in TELCO, LFS or something, maybe I would have been a regular visitor too..'gori' or no 'gori'.

Thanks, keep visiting :)

HALDI said...

dis song is really reminds me of gud old days..of my jharkhand stay at bokaro....

Geetika Guha said...

BTW, I'm not from Telco :)
G. said...

I love this song and it's nice earthy catchy feel! The Video is tastefully done too! Thanks for sharing the news about this video.

Prachi said...

d video is nicely done.. though i wonder wich school's dress d babe is wearin?!!.. hehe..
tks me bak home to rnc.. i nvr thout i'd actuly like it.. d song is pikin up popularity in manipal too!!!

madhav said...

Hey Geetika! Is that the geetika Guha i knew from Tata Interactive Days! is that you??


Geetika said...

Hi Maddy!
Yes, that's me...but I'm in Accenture now.