Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In many ways we'll miss the good old days. Someday.

With just one month left in college, nostalgia is in the air these days. I'll spill some overe here, with one my favourite bands presenting one of my favourite videos.

No, these were not the 'best days of my life'. Being an optimist, I hope there will be better days. Nor will I 'cherish the memories' and change my Orkut name to reiterate that. It would be strange to be nostalgic for something that never happened to me. Things like heart pouring sessions over booze, chasing girls, intellectual smoke sessions, parties and a group of people sitting on couches in coffee shops. It's the last day of school all over again. The only thing I miss is playing cricket and football with friends. One more thing that gets added here is creating nuisance in classes and labs with friends having similar intentions. The intention of not studying and not learning.

Nostalgia requires involvement. I am too indifferent to experience it probably. Someday.

On the contrary I am nostalgic about 2003. The goosebumps when Sachin pulled Caddick for six or blasted Shoaib away. The punched fist when Yuvraj hit the winning runs against Pakistan. The gloated sense of achievement when I cleared JEE and entered IIT.

Those days are a distant memory now.

I'm working so I wont have to try so hard
Tables they turn sometimes, oh someday
I ain't wasting no more time

Wonderful song.


Zutty said...

Awesome tags :) U cud also add while_CC_doesnt_block_veoh :P

Sumit said...

Hey its a nice blog u have here!!
Definitely going to watch out for u now!! keep going!!