Friday, April 13, 2007


B Tech Project: what we stand for, what separates us from them, what is the showcase of all that we possess and can deliver and a lot more. At least that was the idea. For me, and a whole lot of other people, it has been the hugest obstacle to the oh-so-near degree that we spent our 4 years here for. As always it all boils down to the very last moment where things have to be done. Only this time there are no tutorials to cog, no photocopied notes to cram and no guarantee of the time spent being in direct proportion to the result achieved. Unpredictability makes it so different.

Nevertheless the last few days have been a great experience, working like we have never ever worked before. Amidst all this gloom and apprehension small joys like speaker in a lab or the company of friends with similar fate at 4 am in the lab come as divine blessings.

Lab floor for bed, Giddu for pillow

I would be lying if I said that the joy of doing something new and not done before, at least in our department hasn't spurred me on. But enthusiasm doesn't always count for everything. Deva, my BTP soul mate, and I am finding that out the hard way right now. In fact both of us decided to stay back in the summers for one month and complete the project properly. We approached our guide, who happened to be the JEE chairman by the way, and told him so.

"Sir, we would like to stay back in the summers and do this properly", said I.
"Stay back? I think that is a ridiculous idea. Don't you think that is a ridiculous idea?", said he.

The only option that was left with me was to brand my own idea ridiculous. For others, like Rajeev, things are just the opposite. His guide asks him for his summer plans and joining date and casually says that he has enough time to complete it in May. We realise that we are not the worst affected. Giddu has to wait for 3 hours everyday to get an error message in his simulation, and then start all over again. At such inhumane hours like 3 in the morning. Giving up is not an option. Joshi broke the only sample he had prepared all this while and has had to prepare three more in the space of one week with the promise of 2 more in the recent future. The only thing that guide, or for that matter anyone says, is that we should have started early. Easy thing to say.

I fell into a burning ring of fire

Nevertheless we continue to play with fire. Literally.

I don't know what memories I'll take with me from here. But things like staying till dawn in a lab with a couple of friends for company, talking about everything from the futility of such existence to out of place feeling that grips us daily and the uneasy apprehension of the life ahead, chatting (the real life kind), singing, sometimes dancing to keep us awake, singing the sickest of Hindi songs in chorus, shouting at every passerby from our safe positions on the bike while going back at 5 am and singing at the top of our voices simultaneously will surely stand out for long. Taking pictures to remember these moments by too :)

For now the report is submitted. The work and fight for survival continues.


Gee said...

Oh, good luck and all that with whatever still remains to be butchered(?) off.
Cheap Hindi songs - tell me about it! We traced back to the time of the Karan Arjun song about a certain 'Ranaji' someone, and thousands more of the ilk. Man, early-mid nineties was such an era of great Hindi Lyrics, wasn't it? :P
All dug up during well-aimed 'research-work' :D

Nikhil said...

A matter of totally different and dedicated research that. We were more inclined towards Suni(e)l Shetty songs though, he had so many beautiful ones in that era :)