Thursday, June 21, 2007

Immediate Concerns

This template I have used for too long. Been thinking of changing it. Would have, had the net at home been even a hundredth as fast as in IIT. Here you lose the patience to do things after a while.

In the meanwhile, getting back here has inspired me to raise this near dead blog back into life. Do have a read if you can spare the time.


A day or two back I had to get a passport photograph taken. I went in at the wrong time when the shop was about to close and the reel for day had already been sent to develop. I was told to return the next day. The next day I went there and reminded them this. The guy looked at me and said,

"Look at you. Unshaven, not wearing a shirt (tees don't count). Yesterday you were ready, today you are not. Come back tomorrow"

I couldn't help laughing. I could have told him that this photo isn't going to be sent as a marriage portfolio. (Look there's this guy who looks like a bear and even dresses to prove that, how can anyone marry him? ) Even if it is I'm not about to marry his daughter. I could have gone to another studio too to get the job done. But, seeing how sentimental he was about his job, and by extension his subject, I decided to give him a chance.

Next day I walk in all shaved and dressed up (which means wearing a shirt in my world). He leads me to the chamber. He switches on the blinding lights. I get all watery eyed and ask for time to adjust. He waits and takes the picture after a while.I come out and rub my eyes to take away the pain. He looks at me and says, concerned,

"You spend too much time near TV, or computer?"
''Lately, yes'', I respond. Bemused.
"Your eyes get strained too easily. Go check with an optician soon enough", he added.

Now that is all round care. All you want is a photograph and you get advice on grooming and eyesight. Small town thing I guess. Everybody concerned about everyone else. And everything else.


Anonymous said...

"with the photographer" all over again? :P

hehe, not quite - but yes. interesting guy u met


minu said...

very true, people in small towns are very much concerned about others unlike metros whr no one bothers about others.