Monday, July 30, 2007

Conditioned Life

Inside, people sip on their coffee and tea
(Which by the way can be got for free)
And gaze through the glass window to see
A world in motion outside, busy as can be
Falling raindrops, wind blowing through the trees
While inside, life is stagnant at 23 degrees.


Deepika said...

Nice one..and nicer blog!! Mind if I list it as a fav on my blog page?

Nikhil said...

thanks! and of course I wouldn't mind :)

Gee said...

OMG! I all but forgot to ask your permission before adding this blog to my blog roll! Man - what do I do now?
Are you going to hunt me down with a pick-axe? I pray not....
*furiously biting nails in distress*

Nikhil said...


new rule, not applicable to the old timers :P

and if I do end up getting to CA, chasing you with a chainsaw for breaking one of these unmentioned, invisible rules...I think I would end up holidaying, rather than take all that at least you have nothing to be afraid :)