Saturday, October 25, 2008

Plotting Week Points

Go figure?

A drag of a Friday afternoon at work revealed that graphs do sometimes reflect your mood.


Geetika said...

Looks a bit like you got inspired from Indexed.

Anonymous said...

I am a regular reader of ur blog. I like ur humour style. If i give u situations, can u write a post on it? like: Wen u go 4 a E-recharge, while writing the no. how both the party debate upon the same no. written

SaIk said...

too good man... how are u doing ?

Nikhil said...

[g] damn! there is a precedent for everything you do :D

[anon] thanks! but am not qualified enough to do requests as yet :)

[sai] thanks :)
life, well, stagnant and boring to say the least..don't get me started again :D
hope you're having fun :)

Raja Agrawal said...

boy this was nice!!

Dhinchak!! said...


Kithe ho?

Giddu said...

bhai badi sahi kah rahe ho!!