Wednesday, March 11, 2009

what is this life if full of care...

So it takes a lonely day at a far-off guest house room on the festival of colors to gather my thoughts and put it into writing. It has been a busy few days, with its fair share of experiences. Just to give an indication:

3 Sundays ago

A trip to Khan market, savoring Khan Chacha's delicious 'Tikka Rolls' (the plural form is intentional). This was followed by a mandatory visit to The Big Chill for a mesmerizing 'Mud Pie'. Then a visit to the Old Fort in its entire majestic splendor at the break of dusk, to attend the South Asian Music Concert, featuring bands from across SAARC nations. Parikrama was good, except their most famous song, I liked their Maiden cover of 'Trooper' and another original called 'Am I Dreaming'. There was this band called 'Cobweb' from Nepal which had a massive support, something I've never seen, with people waving Nepal flags in the crowd and doing crazy stuff. Rest of it was nothing much to write about. But the setting with all the modern rock music played against the centuries old walls of the Old Fort presented an amazing visual experience. Unforgettable.

2 Sundays ago

I was stationed at Laksar, a place near Haridwar and made it a point to utilize the benefit of this proximity. Rajeev came on a short notice from Delhi, and my colleague at Laksar was equally enthusiastic about rafting in Rishikesh. The three of us took a raft intended for 8 people (with two instructors of course) on a 12 km stretch for a memorable two hours ride. The thrills came intermittently at the rapids, where for a few moments we felt helpless at the hands of a raging river; the boat rocking wildly, the force of the chilled water hitting across the body almost knocking it over. In striking contrast, the rest of journey was a peaceful, slow and serene ride.

Somewhere in between they had this cliff jumping point. As an answer to all complaints I received of never having taken a holy dip in any of my visits, I decided to do it the extreme way. The jump from some 20 meters high into the mighty river is a thrill that just cannot be put into words. A suggestion for anyone planning to take a holy dip in Ganges: This is the way to do it.

1 Sunday ago

No such luck. Back to the cement plant in the middle of nowhere. The only thrill being waking up early morning to see the Indian batting order creating records every day. Living with that.

There was more, but I’m not sure it is such a good idea to whine in public anymore.


Anonymous said...

good to see a post after long. woh holy dip wala kya hai? kahan se kooda? - sheel

Nikhil said...

[sheel] rafting stretch me ek jagah ek cliff tha...raft wahan rok ke upar chadh ke nadi me kudna tha...sahi tha :)

aaja chutti me kabhi...