Monday, August 16, 2010

The Decision - I am taking my talents to...

I thought I would never come back here. Sad, but yes.

The decision wasn't easy. Like this slightly more (in)famous decision that got all the hype:

I am not fortunate enough to have Miami as a choice, but nevertheless, I am taking my talents this summer to:

The Big Show & SportsWave

It will combine the two things I love: sports and satire. We at The Big Show decided to flirt with the idea of combining the two.

The first attempt, the pilot episode for the The Big Show podcast can be found here:

The Pilot Episode

I apologize to whatever few regulars occasionally visited the site looking for an update, or response, but I do hope you do join me at my new pursuit.

Not ruling out a return, this blog has been special, and memorable)